About Patampa

Hello and Welcome


The idea behind the creation of Patampa came from a feeling I often had during my trips in unknown places, close or faraway. Being an anonymous person, lost in a foreign city or country, staying in a comfortable but impersonal place.


I would like to change this feeling, making travel and discovery simpler, having the pleasure of picking your own places to visit, and scheduling them at your convenience.

A place where you could get tips and advices from a person knowing the region, or from other travelers while staying in a cosy and friendly atmosphere.

In order to create this "atmosphere ", I bought a typical Panamanian house from the 60's, located at the entrance of David, in a quiet and green area.

Here comes Patampa, who welcomes you at Colón, Veraguas, Coclé or one of the 4 others rooms, all equipped with 21st century comfort. 


The size and shape of the house permits a friendly and human approach. Our social and pool area provides opportunities of discussions, giving and receiving tips, exchanging experiences or just relax.


If all of this seems attractive, why don't you give us the pleasure of your visit.